Renounce God, Worship My Tits.

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One of the many ways I control you… If merely watching the above slideshow takes your breath away, contact Me now, and I will come to control that as well.  We all know that I actually answer prayers, unlike the God you renounce to suckle at my breasts… Me and My voluptuous pale tits run the world- your world. Far more titillating & effective than anything you’d hear at church- admit it! You belong to the Church of Fuck. Pay tribute & Submit to Me now.




Poll Results: Femdom Reigns (Naturally.)


As of 01/08/2018, the poll results via my website for your favorite fetish are 42% in favor of general female domination antics, while my beloved blasphemy is tied for 17% along with cuckold and humiliation. Smoking got the least with 8%.


I will continue to leave the poll open and by the end of this month will likely release a photo set or some kind of content related to the most voted for. Be sure to have your say, as it is rare that I allow it, and vote here.

I continue to be available consistently for email exchanges and custom video creation, so certainly contact Me, and make it happen.






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